KFC Ghana NFC App Concept

A concept design for an app for KFC where users can order through a mobile app and use an NFC card to make payments at the drive thru


A design challenge to design a mobile app for KFC Ghana which allows users to make orders online and order an NFC card to make payments at KFC Ghana branches

Project Date: September 2018
Project Role: UX Designer

Project Goal

To design a mobile app for KFC Ghana customers to make orders online and order an NFC card to make payments at KFC Ghana branches


KFC Ghana has set up drive-thrus in different parts of the city and it’s really convenient to just drive through and order something to eat.

Transactions are usually done in cash in Ghana with card adoption very slow to pick up. Cash payments also slow movement at drive-thrus with drivers slow to pay with cash.

To help with quick orders of meals and adoption of cashless, I designed a KFC app which allows for online payment of meals for pick up as well as an NFC solution for making cashless transactions at the drive-thrus.

UI Design

This was a quick conceptual project. I researched the KFC menu and designed a visual menu focusing on the meals offered. I designed a process for selecting a food item, making a payment through the app and ordering a NFC card for cashless payments. The app will also allow for top up of the NFC card.

NFC Option Design

Now what about the part about paying when using the KFC drive thru? I thought using a credit card would be an easy option. But the whole process of swiping, entering a PIN number and waiting for a confirmation would take a bit of time.

So I thought about the next quickest thing: NFC Payments.

Image of KFC NFC Card