Web Redesign

Accra Silverbird Cinema Website Redesign

Redesigning the Silverbird Cinema Website with better user experience + an online movie ticket purchasing experience


Convenience always needs to be seen as a priority especially when it comes to customer service and user experience.Watching movies at the cinema is no different. Moviegoers want a seamless experience when they go to watch a movie.

In Ghana, the most popular cinema is the Silverbird Cinema located at the Accra Mall and WestHills Mall.

At the moment, Silverbird doesn’t have the most seamless experience when it comes to purchasing a ticket and watching a movie. Moviegoers can go to the Silverbird website and check times when a movie is showing but there are no options for purchasing a ticket or checking if a movie is fully booked.In order to purchase a ticket, you need to physically go to the cinema and purchase a ticket to watch the movie that you want.

I decided to create a better online experience for Silverbird moviegoers.

The experience would involve designing a better online experience where moviegoers could easily purchase tickets online.

Current Web Design

Firstly, this is how the current Silverbird Cinema website for Accra looks like:

There are issues with the current website. Firstly, the “4DX” image is out of place because the current Accra Mall cinema doesn’t have a 4DX experience.

The movie section showing the show times and run times are a good addition to the site. They have the times and days when the movies show but there is no way to interact with it. You can watch a movie trailer or check to see the cast of the movie.

That’s the current web experience for the Silverbird Cinema in Accra. I decided to enhance the experience by:

New Silverbird Web Experience

This is the new Silverbird website redesign:

Emphasis was placed on buying a ticket in the hero section for the most popular movie that would be showing at Silverbird with a Call To Action for buying a movie ticket.

Buying A Ticket Online

Buying a ticket with this new experience should be pretty easy on an online cinema website. In the case of the Silverbird site, the movie ticket buying experience is pretty easy.

A user can select a movie on the homepage and get more details on it. In the example below, a user has selected the Godzilla movie where they get an overview of the movie as well as the run time, show times, options to see Reviews and Cast of the movie and an option to watch a movie trailer.

After selecting a showtime and clicking on the continue button, the user starts the ticket buying experience

1. Choosing The Number Of Tickets

2. Details of The Ticket Buyer

3. Selecting A Seat

4. Reviewing Ticket Information

5. Making Payment

Here’s the clickable prototype if you want to try it out: Prototype

Membership Card

This is still a work in progress but Silverbird could consider a membership card which could actually serve as another form of revenue stream.