Concept Design

Mobile App Concept: KFC NFC Card App

App design for KFC Ghana where users can order meals for pick up and to use NFC for making payments


When I’m driving home, I usually like try and pick up something to eat on the way. Usually, I work out of East Legon in Accra till late so when I’m heading home, I like to pick up a quick bite to eat when I get home.

The KFC in East Legon has a drive-thru and it’s really convenient to just drive through and order something to eat.I’ve been trying to go cashless as much as possible in Ghana but I know that if I’m going to pass through the KFC Drive Thru, I have to have cash on me.

So I always make sure I have about 40–60 GHC on me before I go through the drive thru. It’s kind of cumbersome because it means I have to stop by the nearest ATM to make sure I have cash on me before going to the drive thru.

In my many drives through KFC, I wondered if there could be a better way to buy from their premises without using cash. So I decided to design a solution to go cashless at KFC.

KFC Concept App

First things users can do on the app is sign up. Or they could continue as guest and make a one time order. Users are then given KFC’s menu selection to select from.

NFC Card Option

Now what about the part about paying when using the KFC drive thru? I thought using a credit card would be an easy option. But the whole process of swiping, entering a PIN number and waiting for a confirmation would take a bit of time.So I thought about the next quickest thing: NFC Payments.

On the app is an “NFC card” menu item. In this section, users can first order an NFC card to be delivered or picked up at any KFC spot. With the card in hard, a user can load the card through their smartphone. They can use Mobile Money or their card to purchase money onto the card.

After money is virtually loaded onto the card, a user just have to “Tap” the card with their smartphone for the transfer to take place.

Prototype Version